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Izabela Krajnik

Izabela Krajnik



Izabela Krajnik is 23 years old. Born and raised in Poland, she then moved to Germany when she was 14 years old. Her life has been chaotic since she can remember.
Her art journey started when she was a child. Being precise about everything at school has always been very important to her and gave her the feeling of control and confidence. She tried to have the prettiest handwriting, her coloring book shad to be on fleek. No lines were crossed.
Same story with drawing and painting. When she found out that she really enjoyed that, she had to become as good as possible but she never dreamed about becoming an artist.
Over the years she tried many different techniques and mediums. In 2020 she bought her first oil paint set and that was all she needed to rediscover art forms and holymoly, that was it! She started again with a completely different mindset.
Her art is inspired by strong emotions and feelings. Common subjects are anxiety and de-pression but also a lot of hope shines through. Colors became a powerful tool for her to express what words cannot. Every single painting session feels therapeutic to her and is a constant part of her daily routine.
Since 2021 many of her original paintings and prints has sold internationally, mostly in the US and are part of many private collections. Currently she is working on her first solid port-folio with larger projects.
On her Instagram page she wants you to join her on her path and see her learning from her mistakes. It took her a long time to accept (and, using her own words, she’s still learning that ability) that there won't be any constant progress made without screwing up hun-dreds of canvases first. But still there are many magic moments happening in the mean-time.


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