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Ricardo Kim
Digital Artist

Ricardo Kim

Digital Artist


Ricardo Kim is a visual artist and graphic designer, first generation of a Korean family, born and raised in Argentina. His interest in art and visuals comes from a very young age, introduced by his mother (Park Soon Sil) who is a painter and artist as well. He has always taken different forms of artistic expressions as an intrinsic part of his development: from music to visuals.
Due to his graphic design formation, he has gotten familiar with digital tools to create and elaborate his works. Using the influence of being bicultural (Argentinian and Korean), he search-es
different concepts such as identity, the influence of the context in humans (both natural or
artificial) and the sense of a community, among others. Also influenced by pop culture, he
sometimes takes references of some iconic artworks to create and "play". Usually he applies
surreal methodologies and abstractions to express and show his artworks.


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