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Untitled (The Hieroglyphics of light series)
Orna L. Brock

Untitled (The Hieroglyphics of light series)



Title: Untitled (The Hieroglyphics of light series)
Year: 2021
Technique: Photographic print on fine paper
Size: 35 x 50 cm

When I am gazing at the landscape it seems to me as The poem of nature, that is pastoral & harmonious scenery, which is disturbed by the strings & scratches of light, which are not only illuminating the landscape, but also are the emblematical conceptual element in the composition. My light drawings photographs, are involving the movement of the body in a sort of a dance, which I am freely acting in every frame. The shapes, lines & curves that are being created by these movements are as seismographic drawings, reflecting this movement, portraying it & functioning as sub text in the picture. I am creating a movement script which is influenced by the energy, light, speed & atmosphere. Together with other elements that are appearing in the picture they are creating a sense of wholeness & coherence in the picture.

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