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Katsuya Ishikawa
Digital Artist

Katsuya Ishikawa

Digital Artist


I grew up on a small island in Japan. My sensibilities were nurtured amidst the mountains, the sea, animals, and the sounds of nature. Being on an island, there was not much to do, but I was creative every day. I trusted my intuition and lived my life with a sense of curiosi-ty, moving as I felt that there was something to create because there was nothing to cre-ate. Since I was a small child, I loved to move my hands and did nothing but doodles and crafts without studying.
I felt that I wanted to cherish a certain primitive sense of making the natural environment a part of my life, so I studied environmental design at university and worked on a theme of seamless design between architecture and nature.
In this life, I have been engaged in a variety of creative activities, incorporating what I felt and saw into my worldview. As an extension of this, I have arrived at my current work. I see many wonderful people and their wonderful lives in the course of my daily life. I take the liberty of interpreting those moments, and I also interpret the personalities of the people I see in those moments to create a worldview.
I don't know who these people are, but I hope that by leaving my impression of them and having someone see them, even if it is just in the midst of a casual life, they will suddenly realize that there are many wonderful personalities around them, and that the people who see them will gain a positive perspective on their lives.
People live in groups. I think we would like to live in a group if we could.
I feel that this trend is particularly strong in recent years. I like the individuality that lives clumsily, gloomily, and strongly in such a shining world.


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