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Edith Devries riding the train (1942)
Thomas Bienert

Edith Devries riding the train (1942)



Title: EDITH DEVRIES RIDING THE TRAIN (1942) Execution: 2020 Photography + digital art, limited edition 1/10 Size: 80x80 cm (Other sizes on request) Frame: Glossy gallery style (DiaSec 2 mm Acryl + 3 mm Alu Dibond) or No frame, just Fine Art print 80x80 cm Text: THE DAY BEFORE the Jewish family of 6 years old Edith Devries was deported to Concentration Camp Theresienstadt, her mother promised her a magical train ride. Edith dreamed of her first train ride as a fairytale -like experience. In Theresienstadt 15.000 children died. Only 100 survived. Edith is one of them. Thanks to her mother who protected her all the time. Artist: Thomas Bienert

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