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Katherine Javorova

Katherine Javorova



I’m Katherine Javorova, 30, slovak passionate artist. Everybody used to call me "Katie".
Originally, I’m an accountant and art&design are my hobby. I always want to be an architecture, like a child I used to draw a lot, then I finished my university studies as a Master of Degree in Economics. Since 2018 I started paint again, due some personal and life breaks. Painting was my kind of therapy and expression of my feelings.I started to paint more and usually very spontaneously without any picture, idea, just like my creativity saws it. People liked my works on social medias, and it was the best motivation to improving my work and doing it more and more.
My works are published via my social media accounts on IG and Facebook fun page.
Usually, I create abstract paintings with 3D structures, metallic details, mixed with pouring techniques. Its challenging a lot and sometimes I don’t know what the result will be but its definitely exciting. Today, I completely understand the quote, which sounds like cliché "Do what you love and love what you do", but absolutely agree. I know it’s hard, but nothing what comes easy doesn’t fill you with the energy and feeling like when you succeed by yourself and your hard work. I don’t know what future brings but I know that my way will be very colourful. :)
"SAFEBLOOD" is my pseudonym or brand, which was established at the beginnings, and it means a lot to me. It means strong connection, like in family, when the world gone mad and destroys everything, the family stays forever. It’s a call to love and I love life, I’m livin´.


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