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Nicholas Ashton

Nicholas Ashton



Nicholas Ashton is a 36-year-old American abstract artist with a unique style of painting. Using an unorthodox method of manipulating the emotion behind the creation of each piece. Nicholas is now excited to step out and officially share his talent and skill with the rest of the world!
I have a tough time explaining who I was before I started painting, but painting has become the one thing that breathe life into me.
As a recovering alcoholic who survived homelessness, incarceration and, severe mental health issues along with losing my one true canine best friend Harley I started painting as a way to al-leviate depressive and anxious episodes before realizing the real talent that had lain dormant.
Growing up I always felt like I never had that real track to follow in life, having this internal knowledge drove me to just continuously try new things to see where and If I could find that hidden track. This has given me a passionate grasp on the things I do try and succeed in; gifting me the attitude of never being afraid to try something once.
I do not regret my past and the mistakes I made because they led me to discover my real pas-sion. Painting.
When I paint, I have the freedom to be myself, to let my emotions flow, and to do it the way I want.
I first started painting to occupy a void that alcohol was filling. So much of my earliest work was created in a depressive state with no motivation to keep going. The first piece 'Hold Yourself Accountable' along with my other early work was done with a Q-tip and ended with a quote. These pieces were given to family or friends who felt drawn to them.
When I paint, I disappear into my own self, a place with no judgment or guilt attached. I have a difficult time looking at the completed pieces because of this and giving them a proper name. Giving people a rainbow of emotions when looking at my artwork is where my joy is truly found inspiring the name Fridge Art. I want each piece to give you that surge of emotion whenever you look at it.


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