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Story of Glory-G
In my childhood years I had a dream to Create. I imagined myself surrounded by colors, paintbrushes and messy sketches. I wished to attend an art school. Unfortunately, my dream shattered to pieces as my tender heart heard parents say ‘art is not serious, Gabriele’. That little girl buried the dream deep inside her heart and kept on painting silently.
After many years I found myself so devastated and disillusioned, and realized that only painting keeps me alive. Painting was an excellent tool to explore myself and heal all the suppressed emotions inside. My path to mindful creation was highly intuitive. I often found myself drawn into painting expressively in a free manner guided only by color and motion of the brush. Creating in this manner did the therapeutic job for me. I became absorbed into the moment. Without any particular thought or concern for what was going on around me. This state of calm can be compared to meditation in many ways. Anxiety fades away. The usual mind chatter falls silent.
In mindfulness painting skills or techniques are irrelevant. It’s the process of creating which makes the difference. The final result is not the aim of Art. What is important is how the process makes you feel. Some paintings may be highly complex. Some paintings may be basic in shape and form. Think of a childlike painting. Bold, flat shapes of color. Symbolic in nature.
Now, after all this inner purification work I’ve undergone, I meditate daily. Meditation is my tool to pause and see everything from another viewpoint and get back to my true Self. Once I’m finished with my daily meditation, I cover my fingertips with colors and paint. I believe that people and their homes absorb the energy I put into my artworks. That’s why I’m so self-conscious of the mood I’m in before I set to creating something new. This might be the reason why I named myself Glory-G which simply means glorious part of me, Gabriele.
I realize that most people have not created art since school. Environment dictates that you may need to hide from self-expression. In short many people feel vulnerable when creating. They claim that they cannot draw a stick figure. This fear is based on many insecurities. Anxiety for the most part is imaginary yet feels real. Taking action is the main cure to remove these fears. Mindful creativity seeks to take away these worries. These fears are self-imposed therefore it is you taking action that will remove them.
May all of my artworks serve for you as a guidance to open up and unleash that vibrant and true side of you. Let there be Love, Peace and Light!


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