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Masaki Hirokawa




Title: Distance
Year: 2020
Size: 55 x 76 cm
Technique: Digital media

“Currently, it is very difficult to predict the end point of this complex world situation, and at times like this, a multidimensional interpretation may be necessary. In other words, it is important to think about everyone, not just oneself. In computer programming, there is such a thing as a multidimensional array; for example, a description such as xyz[1][3][5] is called a three-dimensional array, and a description such as {x:1, y:3, z:5} is called an associative array. At first, even two-dimensional arrays can be confusing, but the interesting thing about them is that once you understand them, they are easy to use from then on. In a three-dimensional array, associate a cube and map the variables and constants in it in mind. Then, from the four-dimensional array onward, the cube is duplicated, and eventually they are combined to form a cube again, and the rest of the image becomes an endless nested structure, which is easy to understand. However, as the world enters a major turning point that occurs once in a millennium, I wondered if this "cube" interpretation was really sufficient. In other words, I thought that as long as we are stuck in the framework of the individual as an individual and feel a separation between oneself and others, we will not be able to reach a higher understanding. Modern science advocates that if there is an extra dimension, it is in the microscopic world, but is this really true? In the " Metaphor of the Cave" proposed by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, it is mentioned that this world is a shadow of the world of truth ( Idea). Anyway, I feel that the present is a test to see if humanity can advance to the next stage. It feels as if we are being tested to see if we can care for others as much as we care for oneself. Also, is what we call the "heart" really the true heart? Isn't it just a cage called "spirit" that functions to protect the ego? We are currently in a complicated situation where we are in a stage of "separation," where we wear masks and distance ourselves from others, and at the same time, the enclosed space is being opened up. However, when a space is closed, it is opened widely, and when it is separated, it is sure to be combined eventually. Just looking at the number of people lost around the world that is announced every day, it is truly heartbreaking. However, I believe that all of this is a pandemic that is happening in order to change the world for the better, and that the day will come when we can look back at the present and realize that all of this was an important process. Love is always beyond ego.”

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