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Flower of Peace
Irene Kalents

Flower of Peace



Title: Flower of Peace Year of execution: 2010 Size: Width: 6.667inches Height: 9.26 inches Technical data: Digital photograph on paper This dancing flower belongs to Spathiphyllum family and it is commonly known as the Peace Lily. Peace Lillies are recognized for their ability to purify the air and are thought to promote peace and harmony. More than ever, the world needs peace today. I want to use this opportunity to raise awareness of the war and terror that is happening currently in Armenia, imposed by Azerbaijan with full support by Turkey. The world has a new Hitler - the Turkish president Erdogan. His plan is to kill three million Armenians and fulfill the same mission that his predecessors started in 1915, known to the world as the Armenian Genocide. On September 27,2020 Azerbaijan with the help of Erdogan launched a massive war to wipe out the first Christian Nation, Armenia, which he sees as a BARRIER from fulfilling his mission of Pan-Turkism. This terrorism is against the whole world, against the humanity, against the civilization, and I urge all people to raise your voices to STOP the Turkish Hitler from committing new Genocide war crimes and destroy his crazy dream of building “The Great Turan”. Let this dancing “Flower of Peace” be a token of Peace, Love, Understanding to all people in the world! Artist: Irene Kalents

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