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Blue Naomi
Mt Connolly

Blue Naomi



Blue Naomi 29.5x21 cm A4 on brown paper mixed media (Charcoal, soft pastel, acrylics and gold ink) Artist Statement The body has always been a major source of inspiration for me whether as a dancer myself, dance teacher, responding to others dancing or by drawing the body of a life model. Through dance I became very aware and comfortable with my own body and what it can and cannot do and I accept and am incredibly grateful for the animation it has given to my life. I believe very strongly in the intelligence of nature and consequently the intelligence of the body. I have felt this intelligence particularly when dancing and the ‘duende’ (being in the zone) takes over. Sometimes it is the same when drawing the body, usually for me the female body; you make a connection to the life source and it is deeper than the mind or the brain. That ‘flow’ is a full body awareness and connection to spirit, to emotion and to energy. I know my physical body, but I am still learning about my emotional and spiritual body and when I draw the female body I feel a connection to my own female emotional body and to female energy. I like to draw other animate beings like animals, flowers, trees, water or even landscapes but the human body is the chief source of inspiration for my art. Artist: Mt Connolly

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