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La Flamme du Porteur
Juliane Blasquez

La Flamme du Porteur



Title: La Flamme du Porteur
Year: 2021
Size: 60 x 50 x 5 cm
Technique: Oil on wood panel

« The mind is its own place, and in itself, it can make heaven a hell »
Myths teach us that heaven and hell are two distinct places, out of the world, hidden by an imper-ceptible and mysterious veil. Inaccessible.
What if all this is just an illusion? What if we carry Paradise within ourselves as we carry Hell?
« La Flamme du Porteur » et « Allumette » awakens in this sense, it is a descent into the depths of oneself mixing luminosity and darkness.
« I set out on an adventure, I am the quest. »
Evolving in consciousness is a transformation that requires exploration. The path leads us to the
heart of our dark world, our steps are heavy, oxygen is scarce, and our wounds pierce our flesh. We feel it. Sometimes it is enough to simply turn on the light, to repair what has been broken.
« The art of jumping beyond oneself is everywhere the highest act. It is the point of origin of life, the genesis of life. The flame is nothing other than an act of this kind. Thus philosophy begins where the philosopher philosophizes himself, that is, consumes and renews himself. »

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