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Elena Molchanova

Elena Molchanova



Artist & designer
Member of the Union of Designers of Russia
Author of the Art Collection “Hearts of the World” & the personal Art Exhibition «New Planet of Shining Hearts» (Limassol, Cyprus).
Elena Molchanova is a Russian designer & artist. She was born in snow Siberia in 1982 & grew up there. Since early childhood was gifted in painting. Was a member of Art exhibitions “Young Talents of Kuzbass". Graduated with honors from the Design Department of Kemerovo State Academy of Culture and Arts, the Institute of Visual Arts, after being invited there as a senior lecturer. While studying was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of exhibitions & contests, honorary letters. For outstanding academic achievements was awarded with a scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation & medal «For Faith and Good» by the Governor of Kuzbass. In 2002 there was the opening of the first personal Art Exhibition of Paintings "Light Dream".
For 12 years was chief specialist of the Department of Youth Politics and Sports of the Kemerovo Region in the implementation of design projects in the field of youth politics, tourism and sports, regional, all‐Russian and international festive events, ceremonies (governor receptions, festivals, exhibitions, championships, forums). Concept development, creative direction for events, corporate and brand identity, graphic complex, stage design, visual installations, exhibitions, costume design, advertising, souvenir and premium products. Coordination and implementation of projects and their production. In addition, she guided personal projects in various areas: design and decor of interior, design of art parquet from specific valuable species of wood, exclusive models of garments and jewelry.
In 2010 became a member of The Union of Designers of Russia. In 2018 she became the director of the advertising agency “Intero”.
Despite the great employment in professional activities the most beloved & dear to her heart always was painting & travelling.
Elena Molchanova created Art Exhibition «New Planet of Shining Hearts». It is very shining & soulful art, her creation is a window to the world of the sky & stars. It is a reminiscence about soul, eternity, the state of love soul flies in the endless space of Universe, about the gist of what we are, about happiness, about flight, about our journey to the Planet Earth where we all Shining Hearts.
In 2018 there was the opening of the Art Exhibition «New Planet of Shining Hearts» (Limassol, Cyprus). Having made a way over 4500 km from Siberia with canvases in boxes weighing more than 100 kg to the other part of the Planet Earth, her Exhibition was greeted with much love, wonder & gladness. The magic air of Cyprus combined with the sounds of live violins and the energy of colours created a special atmosphere! The exhibition was very successful & now the paintings are in private collections around the World in Canada, India, Jordan, Great Britain, Russia & Cyprus.


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