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I started painting two years ago.
My daughter, who had finished school, told me that she was throwing away the acrylic paints she had used in art class, so I felt it was a waste and decided to try painting. I had been an office worker for almost 30 years, had settled down to raise my children a bit, and loved to appreciate painting, so I decided to try painting myself. I started to memorize them in images on Instagram because I wanted to do so. At night, after all the work was done, the time I spent quietly painting the moon and flowers as I thought of them was bliss for me. When I paint, I don't always decide what I want to paint. First, I layer the col-ors and think about what it will look like. The accidental layering of colors takes me to a fantastic world, and before I know it, something appears.

About this work, "月華 - Gekka"
『月』is the moon.
The moon is the star that governs the inner, hidden essence of the self.
It is said to represent motherhood.
It is said that the Moon represents motherhood, the mother-like presence of family, friends, and kind colleagues and seniors at work. They are always there to warmly watch over us.

『華』is a flower.
A blooming flower is a flower.
When you feel a little tired or a little discouraged
They brighten our spirits.
Just by gently blooming by your side, a smile will come back to your face.

My guardians are the moon and flowers
I can spend my days as bright as the sun.
I may be able to spend my days as bright as the sun because I am watched over by the gentle flowers and the moon.

Who is your guardian?
Who is it that you want to protect you?
What is your favorite time or thing that protects you?
With these thoughts in mind I would be happy if you could watch it with these thoughts in mind.


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