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Analvis Somoza Jimenez

Analvis Somoza Jimenez



Analvis Somoza Jiménez (Analvis) was born on 23 February 1965 in Havana, Cuba. She graduated from the prestigious San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in 1994, specialising in Visual Arts under the tutelage of renowned Cuban visual artists such as José Miguel Pérez, Aguedo Alonso and Pedro Pérez Pulido.
Her artistic work is influenced by a wide range of trends and styles in visual work, ranging from urban landscapes to anthropomorphic figures. In her artistic expression, she highli-ghts the conformation of faces and elements of cubanism, fusing expressionist, pop and naïf styles. In her contemporary approach, she uses strokes and distortions to reinterpret Afro-Cuban, Indian and Hispanic legends, giving life to her distinctive character, "El Dandy". Through this process, she locates and dislocates him in everyday life, enriching her artistic creative process.

She has participated in outstanding exhibitions, such as
"ARTBOX.PROJECT World 2.0". Art Gallery Switzerland, Switzerland (October/2021),
"ART BASEL" at Aqua Art Fair2022, Miami (December/2022),
"BIENNALE ART EXPO VENEZIA", Tana Art Space, Italy (May/2022),
"EMERGINE" International Art Exhibition, MADS Art Gallery (May/2023),
"ARTIST DIGITAL FAIR PRIMAVERA" Fundación Carlos Amberes, Madrid, (March/2023).

Analvis leads an active social life in her gallery-studio "Lahora", located in her home in Florida, USA.


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