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Warrior fish
Monika Belinová

Warrior fish



Betta- Warrior fish - 2019, combined technique on cardboard, 100 x 70 cm The image was created for the purpose of autotherapy. The background lines are created by ink and felt-tip pens and they are not visible in the picture at first glance. As in many life situations, a closer and longer look is needed. The round lines evoke the lightness and spontaneity of the water stream, on closer inspection it is evident that the lines are systematic and certainly not spontaneous as they try to seem. It is a metaphor for my life situation at the time, but it is also the result of an effort to employ the mind, a form of meditation. In the stream of water, a fish as personal symbol was added in the process, in which I used a different technique, as if the fish did not fit into the environment, which summed up my situation. Fish is protected by a rough line and a gold mask and it is obvious that it is static and needs to move. Artist: Monika Belinová

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