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Tove Tømte




Title: Connected
Year Completed: 2020
Size: 45 x 60 cm inkl frame
Technical: Acryl painted on plywood

The corona pandemic created a possibility for me to escape into my own “paint bubble”. “Connected” is one of the pictures from this period, and heavily influenced by it. Physical isolation and distance make it imperative to find other ways to communicate, through digital plat-forms. Will this replace our need for physical meeting places, spontaneous encounters, and physical interactions? In “connected” I try to illustrate tiny isolated “tribes” which have the necessary distance, and the only contact they can and are allowed to have is digital contact – which is illustrated as thin lines in metallic. Then again, this picture may be interpreted in different ways. If I take off my (long used and worn) Corona-goggles I see metaphysical encounters that create and recreate energy. In the end it is “in the eyes of the viewer”. Is this a peril or a possibility?

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