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Andrea Merinsky




Roots. 28 X 20 in. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. 2021 In the process, these marks often seem to find little paths around themselves that make me feel as if I was transcending into a new environment, full of mystery and wonder. Which plays a part in the broader scope of my life as an immigrant from Venezuela. This allows me to imagine the place that I call home, where I can find my family and myself. Filled with color, beauty, and nature that remind me of the happiness and beautiful memories from when I was a small girl in Venezuela. The times that I had with my mom and with my family before I moved to the United States. Times that have helped shape the person that I am and that I will become. Roots has two sides: a feeling of warmth and connection of earth and air from roots in Venezuela, Europe, and farther away to the Middle East; and a movement towards what the future will hold. I paint my home and where my family is, around the world and in heaven; showing the home inside of me, in the earth, and in the sky. And allowing those roots to flourish and build new paths. Artist: Andrea Merinsky

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