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The Middle Ground (Carved Wooden Relief) - Piece One
Lachlan Anthony Smith

The Middle Ground (Carved Wooden Relief) - Piece One



title: The Middle Ground (Carved Wooden Relief) - Piece One
year: 2021
size: 80 x 120 cm.
technique: Oil Paint, Wood Stain and Varnish on Carved Board
description: This artwork belongs to a larger body of work that is entitled, ‘The Middle Ground’ – That examines the compact between engagement with nature and artistic practice serving as a form of self – referential inquiry.That ultimately aims to support the mental health and wellbeing of the practitioner, through means of engaging with pragmatic therapeutic processes that support recovery, directiohe Gound’ refers to a period of intermittent calm that art making affords those suffering with Manic Depression, who otherwise experience life through vastly contrasting emotional states. The ambition for these works is to inhabit a proposed psychological middle ground, making artworks that are supportive, strong but not dominant. Psycho – emotional landscapes, that crucially reflect such research interests, that are intended as a peace offering, that of indifference, devoid of judgment and imposition.

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