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Alisha Shinohara

Alisha Shinohara



20 years old | Tama Art University
2017 Participated in the group exhibition "Maa, See You Next Time"
2021 Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Arts
2021 Entered and enrolled in Tama Art University
2021 Participates in the Five Art Universities Exchange Exhibition, Small Works Exhibition
2021 Participated in Corona Disaster Student Art Exhibition
2021 Participated in 3331 Art Fair 2021
2021 Participated in group exhibition "New Ground
2022 Participated in the Five Art Universities Interchange Exhibition, Tokyo
2022 Solo exhibition "Hello World
2022 Participates in the Five Art University Interchange Exhibition, Small Works
2022 Participated in 3331 Art Fair 2022
2022 Participated in Tokyo Exhibition
2023 Participated in the Inter-Academic Exhibition of Five Art Universities

Artistic Statement:
Influenced by modern philosophical thought, I construct my own world consisting of de-pression and mania due to mental illness. I compose my works by contemplating and con-sidering the world as seen through this thick filter.
Recently, I have been particularly fascinated with plant. The shapes of their veins, roots, and annual rings resemble human blood vessels, ripples, and air currents.
He also works in a variety of media, including installation, performance, sound, and tex-tiles. I am also interested in creating works of art in space, regardless of media, such as in-stallation, performance, sound, and textiles.
I also have another name, "Yome" (wife), which means "kawaii art.
The concept is a treasure box filled with things I like that I think are cute.
Sometimes kitschy, sometimes cute, I mainly create paintings with decorations.


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