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Rose sempre
Tamara Sweere

Rose sempre



“Rose sempre” - 105, 5 cm x 80 cm x 5,5 cm 2015, acrylic and metallic paint on canvas, with maple wood floating frame. I was born in the summer, with all the abundances of food and flowers and long sunny days, and warm nights, and campfires - and roses! I always got roses for my Birthday - maybe it finally got into my painting, Rose sempre, in my favorite fuchsia colors and others, full of summer energy, exuberance, hope and romance, and love...and music, and swims, and moonlit water... - so, the stars aligned in such a way at my Birthday that I equally love the water and the fire, the chaos and the order, the frenzy and the quiet, the books, the education, history and architecture, the languages and the music, the art and engineering, the international business and the science, fashion, and most of all, my curiosity, imagination and logic, the world travel with learning and appreciating all of its different cultures, and foods, and colors and sounds...I love it all! Good people and all beauty they bring, inner and outer, and their friendships, are enthusiastically welcome in my life! Artist: Tamara Sweere

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