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Title: hyperfake
Year: 2022
Size: 3000 x 3000 pixels
Technique: digital artwork, collage and painting

For the applied technique, I chose the term „digital deconstruction“:
In my photo editor I stack multiple layers of photos that have all previously been more or less heavily processed by various apps. Next I start eliminating parts using different selec-tion and eraser tools. This way, interesting textures emerge. It is a beautiful way to invite unpredictable „happy accidents“. Also, the layers start to interact. In the next step, I smoothen transitions and add supplementary areas or lines, so that the elements com-plement each other. The pieces fuse or cross-fade at certain points and break open at other points. With enough „dirt“ left, the result presents itself as an overall harmonious impression with manifold unexpected and vivid details.
Motif: future has been determined, the direction was decided
dystopias are real now, smart designed
standardized, scripted, supervised, I call this hyperfake. yet there is something,
ascending, emerging, opposing, rebelling, cracking up and tearing apart.

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