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Hiro (Hiromi Tanaka)

Hiro (Hiromi Tanaka)



Born in Kanagawa, Japan.
In the spring of her senior year of high school, she suddenly decided to take an entrance exam to an art university. From there, he studied drawing and two-dimensional composi-tion, and entered the graphic design department of Musashino Art Junior College. After graduation, however, she worked for a major electronics manufacturer and left the art world, but an acquaintance encouraged her to paint, and in 2017, she became certified as a pastel painting instructor and returned to the art world.

The sky is endless, and so are the clouds. Clouds create completely different colors and shapes depending on the season and time of day. The surface of the ocean, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water that reflect these scenes also show a variety of colors and ex-pressions. She creates her own colors by layering such scenes and expresses soft grada-tions in oil and pastel paintings.
After being selected for the 2018 Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition, she has exhibited at national and international shows. She also received many orders for her artwork through referrals from friends and acquaintances.
Seven of her works have been exhibited at an osteopathic clinic in Shizuoka Prefecture. Many of the patients at the clinic have mental health problems, and she also uses her paintings for treatment as color therapy. She has also received orders from patients, and her works has been exhibited at a beauty salon and an Italian restaurant in Shizuoka.
She has also held solo exhibitions at the Corona Disaster, each time attracting a very large number of visitors.
People who were anxious about the prolonged Corona disaster would leave with smiles on their faces and say, "I feel so healed! She was also empowered by the sight of people leaving with smiles on their faces, saying, "I am healed so much!
Basically, the motifs of my works are my favorite landscapes such as morning glow, sea, and blue sky, but for some reason, many people like the same kind of landscapes, and some people shed tears when they overlapped their own memorable landscapes.
The sea and the sky that connect the world.
We hope that the viewers of our works, thinking of their hometowns and loved ones, will feel relaxed and comfortable as if they were there, and that they will feel more energy to live.
She hopes that viewers will feel relaxed, comfortable, and energized to live. She also hopes that viewers will spend a moment facing their own inner selves through her works.
We also held a collaborative event where visitors could enjoy the works while listening to a live guitar performance at the exhibition venue.
She would like to continue to create opportunities for art to have a positive impact on the psyche in various ways, not just through mere appreciation.
In 2020, a French art collector and in 2022, a British art collector welcomed our works.
She realized that even though our languages are different, what we feel in our hearts is common.
In the midst of the coronas, wars, and the suffering of people all over the world, She hopes to create works that will bring peace of mind and comfort to people.

1987 Graduated from Musashino Art Junior College, Department of Graphic Design
2018 Selected for the 19th Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition 2019 Se-lected for the 32nd Paris International Salon Exhibition Kyoto "Houzenin" Solo Exhibition 20th Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition Sponsorship Prize (Marman Prize) 8th Discover The One Japanese Art 2019 in AbuDhabi Special Jury Prize SCOPE MIAMI BEACHI 2019 (New York GALLERY ARTIFACT)
2020 Path 2020 Exhibition by 7-9 Contemporary Artists (GALLERY ART POINT) Cafe Gal-lery "Jack & Beanstalk" Solo Exhibition 21st World Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Japan and France Recommended FOCUS ART FAIR PORTO
2020 Exhibition at World Art Dubai 2020 Exhibition at FOCUS ART FAIR PARIS
-2021 The 32nd International Salon in Paris recommended Path
2021 Exhibition by 7-9 Contemporary Artists (GALLERY ART POINT) Cafe Gallery "Jack & Beanstalk" Solo Exhibition FOCUS ART FAIR PARIS
2021 Exhibited FOCUS ART Exhibited at FOCUS ART FAIR LONDON
2021 Recommended for the 22nd World Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Japan and France Atelier&Gallery "BLUE EARTH" Opening Solo Exhibition
2022 Exhibited at ART EXPO NEW YORK
Exhibited at FOCUS ART FAIR PARIS 2021


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