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Giorgia Fundoni




Title: Rhapsody Date: 2020 Size: 40x30 cm Technical data: acryl on canvas Colours and intimate dreams are bond together, in a rather incomprehensible moment of life, and here a first-time chaos enters the scene. A relational instability comes into play too, souls lose their way, they chase around and finally meet again. But now the approach between them is almost scary, their gestures seem weak, even if constantly addressed to someone. They don’t feel able to touch freely again: here are the consequences of something degenerated, of an emotional crisis, of a sentimental cooling which has been imposed. All the other senses – exept for the touch – act according to the catch of this exact instant, but joy remains immeasurable, as the atmosphere evokes. These dynamics will keep themselves – between passions and helpful leisures – until trust, speaking of relationships, won’t bloom again, this time with a never seen awareness. Artist: Giorgia Fundoni

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