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José Ángel Fernández Gómez

José Ángel Fernández Gómez



Any journey, like a novel, needs to be full of adventure. A life of searching… First among the
things that stimulate the physical senses; the touch, the sight, the sound, the taste, the smell.
Yes, delightful sensations. But not enough. That could never be enough to satisfy the hunger
for life.
But, Oh! The emotion. The emotion that turns you into a kite or tears your soul. An emo-tion
that gets picked up and shared by all the sensitive souls that surround us. The emotion that
guides you through that forest of beliefs that inhabit your mind. Yes, that was my destiny. And
there I found the creator that inhabits each one of us. And this is the work that flows from the
harmony of that relationship.
Who Am I? I participate in the act of creation, as a creator and as a construction. I’ m creat-ing
an experience, be it unconsciously or full of consciousness. That experience is my life, and I’ m
the one who feels that reality. I am the cause and I am the effect as they get entangled
because the one without the other is not possible. I manifest what springs from my mind and it
becomes experience. I write my story. I paint, and although I paint the outside world, I am only
painting myself. There is no choice. I leave my mark on the moments as I go through them,
because they form my experience and they’re fragments of my life.
Painting an abstract painting is a collaboration between the artist and the person that
contemplates it. It is a proposal that the viewers accept, when they to go into themselves
while observing the art. It is an act of teamwork. The author never knows where this shared
activity will take the observer, nor should it be his intention to control that. The harmony that I
experience is mine, but if you find a similar emotion, I will be glad for both of us.


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