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Yujin Chung

Yujin Chung



What I want to focus on in my work is texture. I'm going to use lime powder to get the rough heights
across the canvas. After, the coffee powder mixed with the paint added a rough texture. The work that
went on like that was done several times without any specific description.
It aims to effectively convey the sadness of calluses that are scratched and injured and are no longer
regenerated. Little by little, red and white were added to the thick wound, which caused blood to
return to the dead flesh, giving rise to a ray of hope. It is in my mind that Through this, I hope you will
have time to heal the wounds of the viewers.
Through my work, among the abstract art trends that led the world of art after World War II,
especially in the ruins of Europe, It was intended to evoke the spirit of the blooming Informel art. In the
development of technology and culture, modern people who are oppressed by numerous forms and
restraints live on the battlefield of modernization. Repeated wounds in the mind gradually harden and
become scars without feeling anything.
At the same time, I expressed my desire for the red blood of life to fill the center. While facing the
painful reality, I express my desire to live again even in dead wounds in the work. I hope that the
vitality will come back to life in the dystopian human psychological state that is emerging due to the
COVID-19 pandemic.
•2021 Korea Youth Art Exhibition, RO WOON atrium, Seoul.
•2021 Gyeonggi Art Exhibition, Yangpyeong County Museum of Art. Yangpyeong.
•2021 ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival), Hongik University Museum of Modern
and Contemporary Art, Seoul.
•2019 Team event, "OH MY HOMETOWN", Miari Pass's sub-space, Seoul.
•2019 Registered as Open Gallery Artist.
•2019 Sungshin Women's University College of Art, dd ddWestern Painting.
•2018 Sungshin Women's University College of Art. Western Painting Graduation Exhibi-tion, Seoul.
•2018 team event, "OH MY HOMETOWN", Dongsomun Oryun Building, Seoul.•2017 Art Exhibition for
rookies, Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association, Seoul.


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