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Maria T Molner

Maria T Molner



I enjoyed drawing from an early age. I was the youngest person to enter the Academy of Fine Art in my home city of Barcelona Spain in its history and obtained my Degree there. My first works were of an academic character; now I took on a more personal style mostly using a pallet knife, especially in landscapes, and I found my artistic fluency inspired by the Mediterranean light.
This method with pallet knives, using oils and acrylics, tends to give the paintings a third dimension with the generously applied pigments creating a relief which plays with the light and the colours. Nature is copied and transported to the canvasses. I can also work in large dimensions, for example creating murals and I accept commissions for such work.
My work has been exhibited in various places in the UK, for example in London, and Spain and now all over the world through various online galleries.
I have receive a 'Certificate of Excellence Award' from the Circle Foundation for the Arts in a themed Contest: 'Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing' and a second one Artistic Excellence Award Circle Foundation Contest Distinction.
Another area of my work to highlight is the restoration of works of art where, in my own workshop I have conserved a wide range of paintings, polychrome figures and other specialities, working for both public and private clients.


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