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Mara Torres Leon

Mara Torres Leon



Art and architecture before my eyes will always be questioned. Who is who and what is what?
My work forms and builds from a perspective view of my architectural eye searching the need for space and perspective, where simultaneously my artistic brain deconstructs straight lines formalities through mixed media and color transparencies. I develop the pieces from the simplest stain to the most complex perspective. Varnish transparencies, creating shades with inks, graphite, markers, gold leaves, and many others, play a primary character in the works as transitory elements and vanishing points.
Abstract art is a game of perception to the spectators eye. Mixed media layers and transparencies’ development lead to a clear vision of their existence and purpose. They become their own language creating multiple visual game possibilities exploring tridimensional feelings.
Recycled materials from my daily life such as leftover coffee, dead branches, plastic bags, reusable bags, papers and adhesive tape, are primary foundations offering multiple functions for textures and molds.
Abstract coffee stains allow me to connect negative and positive spaces with ordinary life images parallel to alternate and futuristic visions of my personal life. I try to engage with the spectator through a flowing state of depths and colors. Making them feel familiar, that they belong.
I find myself in a constant search and research of us human beings and our transcendental layers as selves, and how can I bring these layers alive through art as a tridimensional mirror.


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