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THE PASSENGER HEIGHT: 73 cm WIDTH: 60 cm ACRYLIC Year: 2019 For M.A.D.S Milano, Loriot introduces two different style of artwork. In The first one we can observe a brut experimentation of her emotions inspired by social movements and debates in France and the observation of the Parisian way of life with « the passenger ». She get involved in many manifestations in Paris to feel the energy of the population and to express it in a very colorful way, without rules.. every brush stroke begin a new way to follow. In the second one, Loriot introduces her figurative search about her conception of human being. She works a lot with skeletons, the life after death, energy is really present in her composition. She likes to represents characters that have both a childish aspect yet disturbing and dark. We are all the time in this duality aspect of our life, between our adult version and our child version , between what we want, what we think we want , between the good side, the wrong side... With, « who’s the next queen » She wants to explore our relation with the social media, and capitalistic way of life. A skeleton, so empty inside but so confident in an other way to follow the good side of the modern society. Artist: L oriot

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