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Guțu Cristina

Guțu Cristina



My name is Guțu Cristina, I was born on the 3th of february în Chișinău, Republic of Mol-dova. At the moment I live and create în Ioloveni, Republic of Moldova.
In 2018 I has been awarded the degree of Licentiate in Arts.
In 2020 I has been awarded the degree of Master of Fine Arts.
From the year 2017 till present I create in the personal workshop of the painter Victor Cuzmenco, the author of the concept of Ontological Art
I participatet in three competitions, the competition of young painters in 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Republic of Moldova. I do not have the intentions to stop here.
I learned how to draw the second I learned how to walk and I always knew that my life will be revolved around art.
I am inspired by everything around me, especially by the people I know and more inter-esting are their ideas, beliefs and emotions.
For me, art is the way I inform to the people who get acquainted with my works - the ide-as, worries, joy and all the emotions I experience on the canvas through textures, the dy-namics of the bright colors of oil and acrylic through the destructive shapes outlined with dark lines and framing and introducing some traditional details.


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