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Nuria Winkelstroeter

Nuria Winkelstroeter



Nuria Winkelstroeter was born in Madrid although her path, without knowing it, was to take her to a Germany full of inspiration where she has been dreaming for 25 years. She loved painting from almost childhood watching her grandfather, an art teacher, dive into the magic of drawing, into the fusion of shades, of life... Little by little she became aware that her inner self was tat-tooed with unique and special tonalities. Of dreamlike images that she had to express, to cap-ture in the air?
It was by chance, that which comes because of a simmering inspiration, that she discovered en-caustic painting. It presented itself to her while experimenting with hard waxes and she was cap-tivated by it. The more she experimented and learned this technique, the more it seduced her. She became intoxicated by the texture of the brightly coloured wax and its malleability that brought with it infinite possibilities for manipulation.
She let herself be carried away by those translucent and adhesive properties that could be pol-ished to shine. It was like diving into a new world where she was allowed to scrape, scratch, paint with translucent layers, create collages, transfer images, fuse, sculpt, mold, shape, and even use oil paints to pigment the image.
So much beauty, so many ways of expressing captivated her soul and since 2014 she has been working deeply on this technique that allows her to create works that create a kaleidoscope of impossible colours. Unique images that each viewer's eyes make his own, turning them into al-most erased memories, into announcements of hidden futures, into forgotten longings or omens of a tomorrow that has been waiting for... Because the work of Nuria Winkelstroeter speaks to us of magic. A painter of souls that flows with each brushstroke, with each tonality... To let yourself be carried away by each of her works is to recognize yourself in each of their cor-ners and to know that all of them have been painted for you...
... and there is no better gift that to recognize the colour of your dreams.

Javier Espinosa - Writer


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