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Patricia Márquez
Mixed Media Artist

Patricia Márquez

Mixed Media Artist


Patricia Márquez is an artist born on April 13, 1966, in Córdoba, Argentina. She is the youngest of seven children and grew up in a family surrounded by art, with a multifaceted father who, in addition to being a lawyer, was a self-taught writer and painter. Patricia grew up surrounded by the history of classic painting and sculpture, with Velázquez, Goya, El Greco, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Miguel Ángel and many others; she was also wrapped in the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and others. Inmersed in this world of art, since she was a child, she liked to draw and paint, but always in the area of her home. Another activity instilled by his father was to work the land for the execution of beautiful gardens, the connection with nature. To get excited to see a plant sprout or bloom that may have been planted from seed or since it was very small.
She did her school studies and, at the time of entering the university, she started different careers that were left unfinished, such as Law, Journalism and even Fine Arts and Advertising Drawing. It was very hard for Patricia to find her vocation, her passion. Because of this, she dedicated to work in different spaces and the one she was most passionate about was for a company that organizes business events in the city of Buenos Aires, because of its creativity and the adrenaline it generates. Her first forays into art workshops were when she was older and they were not for long. For personal reasons, she could not see in painting her ability to develop it permanently and, above all, she did not see the great power of expression and abstraction that this art has for her.
In January 2001, she suffered a car accident that caused her the immobility of her left arm and a sequel of chronic pain very difficult to carry, which made her rethink her life, especially from the spiritual side. With the company of her family she could overcome and move on and keep looking.
In 2022, she started a weekly painting workshop, the use of social networks in order to follow other artists and online courses of different techniques that she has incorporated in her artworks. That is why she made her own atelier at home, painting only once a week was not enough. She continued to attend the workshop and, at the same time, from her own, she has been adding other experiences. She works with acrylic paint, asphalt paint or tar, pastel chalk and oil. She gives textures with sweetening, polyurethane paint and calcium carbonate. Now, she is starting to work with inks that she finds incredibly ductile.
In conclusion, at 56 years old, she has discovered all her potential and everything that art generates in her. She began to feel what it was like not to be able to sleep at night, thinking about the unfinished work or the one she wants to begin. To feel what it is like to get up in the morning and go straight to finish those details that were left pending the previous day. Therefore, at this age she found her passion and noticed that it is never too late to start or even to believe that you can do it professionally.
As far as my work is concerned, usually when I start I don’t know where I’m going. I really like to "dirty" the canvas by mixing tar or asphalt paint with acrylic and give it textures. She lets herself to be carried towards what is emerging, towards the forms that are generating the stains with their textures, letting her flows without really thinking about a particular objective. After taking a break on each artwork and resuming it, first of all, she likes to touch it, caress it and try to feel what it communicates and where she wants to go to finish it. That way she usually deals with her abstract art which is where she feels most comfortable. Figuratively, she feels tied to having to do something "perfect", almost real and that does not allow her to free herself or let go. That is why her work basically develops from the abstract where she feels that she walks with absolute freedom and in which she expands and fully enjoy.


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