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Mayada Shibir
Mixed Media Artist

Mayada Shibir

Mixed Media Artist


Mayada Shibir is a contemporary artist and director of the Shibir Nilotic Gallery. She has an Afro-
European cultural background and has worked in the health care system in England and Germany.
She then worked on an artistic exchange project between England and Germany. Since October
2021, she has been managing the gallery of her father Prof. Osman Shibir.
The artistic roots of Mayada Shibir's work lie in the creative biosphere of her family and in the influences of African and European cultures respectively, their music, poetry, art, parallels and
controversies. She has shown her work in solo or group exhibitions and art fairs in private or public events in London, Southampton, Brussel and Berlin, giving free access to her art to a wide audience and creating a direct connection with the exhibition space and the event itself.

“I feel no fear of darkness nor do I fear the night. It gives brightness to the soul as the warm sun does to the day. What makes me contemplate, on the other hand, is the cold darkness in some hearts and minds. Light and darkness overlap in their recurring origin at the horizon, the horizon as the limit of our individual gaze. Just as art removes boundaries, the expansion of the artistic gaze enables new creative horizons. When we leave all fears and anxieties behind, this opens up infinite perspective. I am not hesitant of colours, shapes, materials or techniques. I love to combine fabrics with oil or acrylic paint, minerals, glass as well as recycled elements to give my art a multidimensionality. I refuse to follow dogmas or any written or unwritten rule of material processing or image composition. This liberation goes back to my early childhood when, through the encouragement and inspiration of my parents, I learned to explore freely in all forms of creativity and never to limit myself to painting alone. I am interested in crossing boundaries and enjoy playing with different textures, strong contrasts and layering, because it allows me to constantly reinvent myself. I create art that should leave room for personal interpretation. Furthermore, I do not only address visual stimuli, but invite the viewer to experience my works haptically. This adds another level to perception and allows for an even more intimate exchange.


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