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Taedong Lee

Taedong Lee



Taedong Lee is a landscape painter who express emotional experience and atmospheric mood with vivid colours and expressive mark making.

Artist Statement:
“I work with the motif of memories and feelings about the landscape. The emotional response to a place is maximized through the process of visiting and staying in a particular place as well as the emotional state of that time, perceiving the elements of the space through the five sens-es. For example, let us characterize 'I'. The grasses in the dense forest where "I" existed, snow-covered trees and lakes, and even the temperature and humidity surrounding the character "I" communicate with "I" and amplify emotions again. My work begins by recording this recognized information in pictures or writings. The work process is like this, for example. Sitting in front of the canvas, appreciating the documentary I have collected, and reminding everyone of the vi-sion, touch, smell, and hearing of the time when I existed there. More than just transferring memories, it transfers the amplified elements to the canvas. In this process, the strongly estab-lished landscape elements are distorted through this memory and reinterpreted into a new space with various color harmony and techniques that express my own fundamental feelings. Re-cently, beyond one point of time and one space, the present experiences are injected into memories and captured together. I call it an archive of memories and emotions. In other words, from the past when painting began to be done to the elements of memory newly influenced by other media (photos or videos), the inner emotions of the present time are stacked like collage form.
The main point is the process of combining the current new self-influenced by various media in a new space created from the past. Eventually, the space is reconstructed into a "phantom place" that is "my things" but has different emotions from other moments”.


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