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Monika Kovatsch




Title: Dew
Year: 2020
Size: 80x60 cm
Technique: Rakel, Acrylic colour, canvas on wooden frame

Please have a Look at the bible, the complete Story of Gideon!

You will Love it, i promise!!!

There are parts about water:

The test of the fleece

"Even after all these encounters with God, Gideon was still timid and unsure of his calling. Gideon still needed assurance that God was going to save Israel through him.

Gideon asked for another sign. He asked that the Lord make a fleece wet overnight while the ground remained dry, the Lord did it.

But since the fleece naturally absorbs water in the air at night, he decided to ask God to make the ground wet and the fleece dry. And our patient Lord did it again. All doubts having been cleared, Gideon’s timidity turned to courage. He was ready for battle."

The complete Story, is about how to win the Battle.

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