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[Eye] *uck you Covid-19
Rafaella Christoforou

[Eye] *uck you Covid-19



Title: [Eye] *uck you Covid-19
Year: 2020
Size: 100 x 120 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

“It is a constant feeling, an emotion a headache, a sick situation, a war, a challenge with all the translations. I call this as [Eye] *uck you Covid-19 literary, and these are the authentic and more realistic words I can share with the world. Through the autonomous anagrammatise and blend-ing of the oily black letters, which are words of different emotions a container of different feelings the creature is standing out. This, can be seen in the [blink] of your eyes accompanied with vibrant, fleshy, nude but the same time, bold and faded colours. The ‘defined’ but mysterious eye; creates an enormous feeling of a monster, a creature, a human being, although the ‘reflection’ directly goes to the viewer. The ‘eggy’ shape you may see, symbolising the new, perhaps the new life and era through the yellow light that comes out. While you are focusing now, I am challenging you to focus to the point where your eyes get [blurred] and with the eyes of a new now, perhaps you could of seeing the human skull… It is to see through the new, the possibilities and the challenges…”

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