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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


0xq is a self-taught contemporary artist born and raised in Japan.
The '0xq' tells all the names are just symbols with no innate meaning of their own.

His teenage encounter with Beatnik Culture opened his eyes and nourished his interest in the inner world. His multicultural upbringing and worldwide travel experiences made him see and accept the possibilities and potentialities in ourselves and the world besides the diverse values.

The fragments of pasts are gathered, torn, and collaged into workpieces, representing the alternative timelines. Geometric patterns disassembled mechanical components, microorganisms, animal bones, and human bodies being the motifs.

'Creative work is never the means to claim me as an artist. It's how I knot myself to this world. I believe the poetry of the visual art opens communications with the people I am to meet', 0xq finds the hope.


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