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Yoko Sato
Digital Artist

Yoko Sato

Digital Artist


Yoko Sato | Digital Artist

— ENG —
In the Generative Art work, I cut out the regular and irregular line drawings output from Processing, and based on my own sense of color, I expressed a view of the world in outer space.

Her style has changed to a method of digitally processing and arranging photographs of plants in the natural world as a base.
Here, too, She makes use of her unique sense of color, and a beautiful color scheme is scattered throughout the painting, creating a perfect balance throughout.

"Orderly forms in nature and accidental works of color by digital processing"
The work that expresses a fantastic space that directly makes you feel the beauty of life has become a characteristic.

— JP —
Generative Art作品では、Processingから出力された規則的かつ不規則な線画を切り取り、独自の色彩感覚を元に、宇宙空間的世界観を表現した。


『 自然の中にある秩序ある造形と、デジタル処理による色彩の偶発的作品 』


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