Fire Waves

Fire Waves



Title: Fire Waves
Year: 2022
Size: 70 x 70 cm
Technique: Fluid acrylic on canvas, Dutch pouring technique. All acrylic paint mixtures are made with a pouring medium (paint + floetrol + water)

"Fire waves" represents the volcanic and welcoming character of her island. An intense, mixed, colorful, festive island. Nad974 tried to transmit to us through this painting her positive energies, her determined and warm character. This abstract painting full of life shows us the desire, the fighting spirit, the fervor and the furnace. To dream, to escape, to fly away, to travel, here is her artistic approach. “Fire Waves2 is the union between Fire and Water, the incompatibility and opposition between two elements that manage to merge in an explosion of heat, passion, positive energies, a release of consciousness, im-mortality.
The island of Reunion where she is native is a mixture of all this, a furnace which carries us away in an intense spiral. With this work, the artist invites you to travel!