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Sinner Club
Valeria Secret

Sinner Club



Title: Sinner Club
Year: 2021
Size: 114x146cm
Technique: acrylic on canvas

This painting stands for a modern interpretation of 7 deadly sins having party all togeth-er. You can see the Greed wearing bitcoins and willing to roll the dice to try the luck. Behind her standing the Sloth having a cigarette and being distant. The Sloth doesn’t have any motivation, thoughts on mind and neither its gender is clear so you can see 404 error instead of the head. In the middle there is a couple having a dance together - the Envy and the Wroth. The artist is using famous Medusa Gordon as a prototype of the Envy. She is wearing a virtual reality glasses because she isn’t accepting her own and pre-fers living in illusion. And this is a perfect protection for her partner not to be turned into the stone. The Wroth is represented by the bear which is a very classic example of wild-ness in mythology. On the right hand there is the Gluttony serving oysters for the party and wearing a lobster as accessory on her head. These items are chosen as they represent overconsumption of status symbols. On the corner you can find the Pride wearing the Fa-bergé egg. The image of the egg was chosen as a symbol of Russian aristocracy being known for acting arrogant. As the prototype of the egg the artist chose “Danish palaces” made for the Russian imperial family. And in the foreground there is the Lust crawling in candid pose and wearing a sensual mask. All in all, it’s up to the beholder to chose his fa-vorite sin.

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