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Bibiana Ulanosky

Bibiana Ulanosky



For me, my desire for painting was and is the search for knowledge that goes beyond the every-day. Of the knowledge of myself that is scattered, perhaps sleepy in obsessions, ghosts, fears. Contradictory, antagonistic identity that is resolved in the act of painting, drawing, sculpting.
The painting, the color in the brush, the brush in the color does not apprehend me through a gesture, gesture, but I feel the color as I can feel the cold, the heat, the pleasure, or the physical pain, although always contained, driven on the road, in time by a structure.
The canvas does not exist, I am more concerned about the intensity, being of the palette, of the brush in my hand. The canvas is only the field where that being will manifest.

From a very young age I was involved in creative activity.
At the age of 13 modeling clay, from which dissimilar objects emerged
At the age of 18 modeling cement transforming, it into sculptures.
At the age of 26 concentrating through drawing on the nude model in person.
At the age of 35 playing with cheerful brushstrokes of a singular chromaticism.
In my work there are reflections on women, in particular on their sexual identity.
Likewise, I have also painted and painted colorful landscapes always in temporal and emotional movement that address the idea of the path, the paths that go to a place, the roads that return from these, or the path that constitutes the subject.
I enjoy a great natural power in my graphology, both in the line of my drawings and in the brushstroke of my oils, proposing through this medium images that come out of the linen im-pregnated with interior light.


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