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Mina Nagao

Mina Nagao



Started art with children during the 2020 pandemic stay-home period.
Self-taught in fluid art and acrylic painting
While playing with his children's art, he started painting with his fingers only.
Started painting with only his fingers and named it "YUBI ART" and held workshops in var-ious places.
In 2021, he will hold a solo exhibition.
Currently has a studio in an old school building where he creates art and offers hands-on experience.
Plans to move to Hokkaido in April 2023, where he will build a studio in a forest rich in na-ture.

Artistic Statement:
I have not studied anything.
It is not that I loved painting as a child.
Of course, I never attended an art school.
That is why it is strange that I am now working as an artist.
However, when I started doing art, art gave me time to meditate.
That time is very comfortable and the happiest time for me.
That is why it has become my life work.

I don't really know how each piece of art was completed.
So I can't make the same kind of art.
Sometimes I don't do art for a month, and sometimes I work on art every day.
I do not want to be too busy to paint.
I don't want to paint when I am not busy, and I don't want to paint out of obligation.
My mood is always in control, whether I paint or not.

I am happy to show you my works, which are like my own children, no two of which are the same.


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