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Fabien Durif

Fabien Durif



I am a self-taught photographer, author and painter. I live in France, in Lorient in Brittany. The artistic world opened up to me very recently!
In 2007, then 30 years old, I discovered photography, a bit by chance, I bought my first digital camera and I devote all my free time to it. At the same time, I acquire a photographic culture by discovering the works of the great names in photography: Saul Leiter, Bernard Plossu, Mario Giacomelli… I am fascinated by the poetry that emerges from their images. Relentlessly, I photograph in digital, then, today, in film, in search of this poetry, which is hidden in our daily lives. I gradually develop an “author” photographic writing.
I photograph a lot in black and white, very little in color. I cannot achieve the pictorial and close to abstraction effect that I want. In 2019, after a long journey, I exhibited my first black and white photographic series, which talks about childhood and family, at the Espace Artistique de Anjou in Saint Barthelemy d'Anjou, France.
In 2017, I rediscovered the work of Pablo Picasso, during an exceptional exhibition in Landerneau (Leclerc foundation) near my home in Brittany. Then during a trip to Barcelona, I discovered the work of Joan Miro, it was an emotional shock for me, I started to paint canvases with acrylic paint without any technique. I also work on the more classic gray pencil drawing. At the same time, I discovered the works of the great masters of modern painting Gustave Klimt, Marc Chagall…
Recently, I have been mixing techniques with collage and paint / pencil work. The latest works and in particular the one presented speak of a world where the current consumerism society no longer exists, where humans symbolized by angels are a projection of them even fantasized by their beliefs and their culture. They will have to reinvent themselves to rebuild a society where the verb "to be" will have more meaning than the verb "to have".


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