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Whilst I slept they came
Panna Vekaria

Whilst I slept they came



Whilst I slept they came 51cm by 76cm Aug 2020 Painted to Tangerine Thurmi by Prem Joshua Inspired by my very own lucid dreaming state. As I get more and more intimate with my inner engineering, I find myself transported into different realms. I have the privilege of connecting with some beautiful energies and visions that leave me in awe. This particular piece showcases my encounter with a darker energy. But what was so beautiful about this encounter was that within darkness there is always light and an inner yearning to be seen, guided back to and elevated to source. We can become beacons of positivity, inspiration and love for those we connect with every day. Be that light for someone, we don't know what is going on in their inner world and by you just showing up maybe just what they needed. My art will take you on a journey… A journey into your soul. Trust me, take my hand and come with me. Let’s go within… Let’s go inside and find you….beautiful you… I have been blessed with receiving spiritual downloads and musical vibes from the divine which provide the foundation of your personal piece of art. I will draw on your real life personal experiences and both past and present transformations whilst tapping into your energy. We will then work together to create a manifestation of your own internal universe and power through a unique, bespoke and highly personal piece of art. Being naturally curious about life, I am always seeking deeper vibrations with the world around me. I invite you to search within yourself amongst the forgotten, even the wounded and unhealed parts to create your blueprint. Let’s discover what makes you so beautiful and unique… Let’s peel off the layers, one by one and discover who you were and the endless possibilities of who you could be. Let’s bring you home… I prefer to take the path less travelled and I will push boundaries on our adventure to help you fall in love with your mind, body and soul by creating a piece of artwork that will be a mirror of beautiful you. Vocalising my thoughts and feelings and pushing you to unveil yours, we will find your deep thoughts and bring them to life in an explosion of creativity, colour and depth. Trust me, take my hand and come with me on a journey into your soul…. Artist: Panna Vekaria

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