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Japanese Sumi / Bokusho-Artist / Abstractartis / Sumi-performance
Live on the Islans of Kauai, Hawaii

Born in Osaka, Japan.→Kauai, Hawaii,20 years
Grew up in the scent of Sumi-ink under her grandfather, who was a Monk in A traditional Buddhism Temple ( in Kyoto ),Also A Sprit medium, She witnessed her grandfather help-ing many people’s lifes, Minori experienced unusual mysterious and spiritual healing from an early age by spending time and living with him. All experience from the time be-came Minori’s axis of her caracter, and it was a great influence on her cogitation and art expression.
After graduating from design school, she worked as a editor and writer of a magazine, Lat-er she worked as an advertising and event manager for a outdoor equipment company. Kayaking all over Japan with sea kayaks and river kayaks, and Rock climbing various moun-tain walls.
Also camping as a backpacker, she was touched with nature in deep way.
Then moved to Kauai, Hawaii In 2001. She became a Dancer and practitioner of Tradi-tional Hula. and traveling around Japan and Europe regularly for sharing Hula and the Aloha sprit with her hula teacher.
She graduated as a Hula teacher in 2014.

Own style, Bokusho-art that draws with a feeling. Also Minori is a Hula dancer, Minori is performing a fusion of Hula and Sumi-art.
The unique style of drawing on Sumi-dyed cloth and using tools made from natural ele-ments also creates a unique world.
Drawing with her art that continued beside brought her back to the world of artistic and creative.


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