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Patricia RAIN Gianneschi




Year: 2017
Size: 72x60x1,5 cm
Technique: Mixed media on canvas

“Through diverse media, eras, and conceptual concerns, I remain an artist committed to spirituality and social change. My paintings are physical; they explore paint and surface, print and voice, the plastic arts, and verbal expression, a painted or collaged thought, poem or song. My work expresses a Symbolist aesthetic in image, and the work strives to be spiritual and political in thought. I strive to bring socio-political ideas into the abstract work. My work communicates with the inner self and the outer world. The artist creates and the viewer is transformed. I am always seeking the muse, and challenging myself to respond through my paintings to create and communicate a visual vocabulary. I am in-spired to continue to work to find clarity in this “in between space”, between social justice and spirituality. I move on now to the thick layering of paper, and text, and graphite, and then un-painting it all, as I perceive these rectangular shapes in my work, I remember Rothko's universe opening up before me, and I am transformed by the sublime nature of the creation of the work. I have tried to adopt the attitude of improvisation in my work. I express my fascination with the physicality of the painted surface, and respond through painting and collage. The work emerges after experimenting with mediums, monotypes, creating a series of abstract paintings utilizing collage, monochromatic color relationships, and material exploration of texture, paint, and surface. I developed an approach to image making that is influenced by both my painting and is very much influenced by my print-making. The use of textured paper, embedding the paper into the canvas is a direct result of my work in monotype printmaking. I have tried to speak loudly in the softest of voices in this painting, engaging the viewer through paint, painting and un-painting, writing and erasing, covering and texturing the surfaces that represent the multidimensional society we find ourselves existing in as we continue to free fall into our unknown future.”

fallen angel
fallen woman
fallen nation
fallen world
fallen leader
fallen spirit
fallen bridges
fallen mountains
fallen trees
fallen branches
fallen leaves
fallen columns
fallen walls
fallen fences
fallen houses
fallen humanity
fallen steeples
fallen crosses
fallen heroes
fallen spheres
fallen rain

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