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Playground of dreams
Snježana Boyd - Žana

Playground of dreams



Playground of dreams, 2020, 70x100cm, oil-based and gel-based ink on paper Inspired by the concept of the Fable exhibition, PLAYGROUND OF DREAMS was created. Of all the artists, the most creative is the Universe. It is made up of light and darkness, as our soul is. A darkness is our ego and our fears. A dragon that never sleeps. He is our nightmare, obstacle, enemy, and reality. He is the thief of our dreams. If we encourage our childish souls to play, we can turn the Dragon into a friend who will, with us, firmly grab our dreams and turn them into reality. A Fairytale dreams and life depend on the splendor and nobility of our soul. During creation, sometimes spontaneously, sometimes with intent, I choose colors and shapes that become signposts in creating the final painting. I choose colors and shapes to evoke fulfillment, life, and eternal movement in what we see as emptiness. These are my signposts in creating the final artwork. A completed work of art is a started story whose continuation is on the observer. Artist: Snježana Boyd - Žana

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