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María Crepi

María Crepi



The word is the sound of our soul and the painting its image; in it, we show
how we see nature, others or ourselves. Surrealism allows me to show my
unconscious images, with vibrant colored geometries I expose my emotions
and pure abstracts I reserve for the deepest feelings.
My first love was the word, messenger of all that we are and show, of our
inner, real and metaphorical world. She led me to poetry or perhaps she
showed herself to me as poetry. For this reason, I got my doctorate in
Philology, I studied eight languages ... Through words, new worlds such as
Anthropology, Psychology ..., especially cognitive, were opened to me, and I
continued searching for the treasures that being gave me human with all his
inner world. At the same time, like a fine rain, it painted all those worlds. I did
not learn to paint on the roads traveled, because they taught me not to copy
from reality, but to capture my inner world. I remember the advice of that
person who taught me everything about art: "copying and copying will destroy
your style."
María Crepi is my pseudonym as a painter. I grew up in Andalusia and the
vibrant light of my colors, especially cyan blue, is a reflection of its essence,
which dances incessantly with the soft and deep earth colors to create
atmospheres that we could find in the Andalusian landscape, well, my interior
is plagued of your images.


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