The first time I painted was with my grandmother Lina. She invited me to her shop to help
her with some frames, oils, and brushes when I was very young. It was at her place where I
started my own paint. It was a Chinese lady sitting reading a letter. I remember covering that
letter with so many layers because I couldn't find the correct shadow. It was my grandmother
also who insisted I be an architect, but I would discover that much later in my life with the
guidance of my wife and my inlaw that pushed me into the profession. But finally, I became
an architect, and that was when my life changed forever. I was fascinated with architecture
and the power of it. The profession also gave me the architectural point of view to
understand other artistic expressions. Suddenly I had offers to teach history at the University
of Buenos Aires, and later I also taught an Architectural Design course too. These were
Incredible years dedicated to teaching, giving me great memories and learning every single
day. At that time I also studied philosophy and art history with Marta Zatonyi at Ethos
Institute. I would eventually come to meet my teacher and good friend, Paulina Miguel, an
artist based in Buenos Aires and during a year I improved my expression with oil, gessos,
and different materials and media. This experience uncovered my passion for expression in
the form of art. In 2002, I was without work and a low perspective to survive the collapse of
my country, I moved to New Jersey, where I spent most of the time developing my career in
architectural offices, focusing on low-income housing and later on, high-end residential
buildings in NYC. Currently, I am a project manager with several buildings built and more
under development. In New York, I was able to experience the architectural ingenuity that I
was only able to read about in Argentina from books and magazines.
I had been writing about architecture in NYC and other topics as well in a blog that I called
“critical study of reality, the city, and its evolution” Some
of them have been published in “Guía de la Construcción” in both printed editions as well as
the website. In recent years I have attended the Nyack Center Figure Drawing where every
week there is a different live model and I was able to have close contact with the human
figure This experience helped me connect
memories with questions about myself that I didn't know I had
So my last development has been related to the Nudes studies(Nudes collections on this
web), which is essentially the result and process I did in Nyack and by myself. Later on, I
had my second read of the Odyssey. I was captured by those images and they are reflected
in that collection of drawings in pastel and charcoal. Lately, I reconnect with those textures
and transparencies that I developed in Buenos Aires and I start connecting with my
fascination for the geography and physiognomy of the earth.