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Ulla-Karin Lundgren




Title: Anthropas
Year: 2020 – 2021
Size: 153 x136 cm
Technique: acrylic painting

A long time ago Magic was created. She entered the World, through a big cosmic orgasm. With
stardust in Her eyes and sunshine in Her soul, ready to be born again.
She has traveled through Portals. Danced between dimensions.
Pushed through the Veil. She is a cross-borderer. A primordial force guided by her own inner
Oracle. She is a weaver of dreams and magic. A healer beyond time and space. She is a
storyteller. She is me. We are sisters of Universe. Connected from the depths of our souls.
Dancing with the stars, and yet connected to Mother Earth. Echoes of time passing through. Now
it’s time to Rise again. To live Life to the fullest. To use the entire palett with all the colors.
Blessed is The Journey. Illuminated is The Way.
She tells untold stories of The Sacred Feminine. She is the celestial alchemy of the Night sky,
The Sacred fires of Passion and the Awakened Soul. The Voice of Intuition and The Wis-dom of
Earth. She is a Woman. Her body is Sacred and Her essence is Divine. Her heart beats at the same
beat as Universe. She is the daughter of the Moon and the Sun. Sister to the Wind and the
Water. Mother to Life. Her voice whispering words of Wisdom. Remembering the unre-membered.
I salute you! Your mysterious presence, ancient essence, magnifious power, creative soul and
radiant light.

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